• by Jon

    Backlight is a Shifter Skin for WordPress with a professional look and feel accented by powerful gradients.
    Backlight supports all Shifter body sizes and module positions. Backlight will enhance the look of all of Shifter’s advanced content management features.
    Screenshot Setup (foreground - home page):

    Body Size: 974px
    First Sidebar: Sidebar left 180px
    Second Sidebar: 66/33
    Sidebar Shift Order: Standard
    Shifter Plate: […]

  • by Tommy

    Video: How To Change Body Size, Side Bars, Skins And Modules

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    Shifter allows you to choose virtually any functional look or layout for your WordPress site with the flip of a switch. This video tutorial shows how to select the proper body size, sidebar positions and skin options for your WordPress site using […]

  • by Tommy

    Tech Clean

    Tech Clean is a Shifter Skin for WordPress with a clean look and feel that downloads with three color variations, purple, blue and black.
    See a slideshow of Tech Clean screenshots.
    Tech Clean is designed for those looking for a clean, professional look. Soft gradients for the page background, toolbars, module headers and tabs enhance the professional […]

Wearing the Basic Skin for Shifter by Buzzdroid